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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the rebels are ready to stand gadhafi is home sound on their aid need to airfields in their desperate efforts of private fugitive purnell glasses european governments started their own fight for oil deals in the country and. the world war two veteran who's leading a campaign to expose corruption and the average ports it's losing his battle after it appeal against a six month jail sentence these disputes. in the eye of the storm new york braces itself for the boss approaching european i read as all public transportation is shut down and the state of emergency declared.
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it's just after midnight here in the russian capital and you're watching our t.v. now fierce fighting reported in parts of libya as more gadhafi remains at large that's inspired nato support of the rebels and the hunt for the fugitive colonel or coalition forces of launch a top of his last remaining stronghold that's got off his hometown of sirte to pave the way for a full scale ground offensive by the rebels are ready if an option that is in libya and she brings us this report on the humanitarian side of the conflict. was the. the hell the bible of the gadhafi regime is not heretical in new libya but nobody's seen the people nobody cared about this really what you think the capital tripoli is a need for air the people may not know for sure what the future will bring but they
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know that the past will never return. everything that might remind people of all decades of dictatorship is been overthrown this is only for dirty things no only for doing it things he is fighting has continued since rebel forces and to tripoli during the week and much of the city bears the scars of war on top of months of relentless bombing by nato and you have it ends of the bloodshed emerged when hundreds of bodies were found in a hospital abandoned by starfleet in the arrival of rebel forces with no one clear control and many residents now live in fear of anarchy and of armed men from both sides of the conflict. basement proudly shows as a trophy one while he took part in the overrunning of conduct his residence double
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as a zia when we entered resold many weapons and i quote there's no gadhafi anymore the that the man says he would love to have another prize gadhafi has had. was great. this weekend to show this son to be their leader is the model such as it should. celebrate this and other kinds that's. still at large this is not yet over your emotional. tripoli. christopher killer who writes for the blog notes from a medina told r.t. but if the libyan rebels fail to restore peace it could be embarrassing for one of their main supporters the u.s. president. clearly there will still be gadhafi loyalists after the country is under control of the t.n.c. what matters is if the t.n.c. is able to provide the sort of security and policing required to prevent any sort
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of insurgency and the coming months obviously by committing the us this far into the conflict in libya and this is become president obama's war and this is something that he cannot afford to lose. likewise if libya is to pull into chaos into an insurgency of some sort after that could be this would reflect poorly on obama so while i don't believe that he has made a. major goal so far there are a lot of risks for obama. iraq the u.n. is calling for a halt to violence in libya nato allies are already eyeing up the country's vast oil reserves countries who've worked together to break up these rules are now racing against each other to secure lucrative energy contracts as arky sara for three ports it's led to fears that had no regime in libya could easily slide into
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corruption. half a billion dollars from italy now a walk in one point five billion from the u.n. vasant to pursue three hundred million dollars from turkey it's questions abound about the future of the place get back here is the money that's been talking the loudest governments have a strong interest in. opening up business again and. everybody is reason for it leads foreign minister has the night there's a race on with france to be the first on the ground to restart business in libya but the italians have me to clear their eagerness to maintain the extremely crease trade ties they enjoyed under the gadhafi regime but as the money begins to flow to help the national transitional council as it takes power the big question mark remains a very exactly he is fast funds belong to indeed gadhafi is. just coming to
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an end the borderline between wealth the problem well for the good of his family members of the state were not very clear so it's hard to see how much of this money was a direct emanation of the duffus wealth of wealth and how much of it was actually. could be categorized as libyan assets exactly family were authentic cheese of easing libya's riches as their own personal pocket money and now there are concerns that the unfreezing of libyan assets without effective monitoring key to aid in the floodgate to new corruption a lot of opportunities and everybody's trying to. you know it's sort of. trying to exploit this war as best everybody palookas have oil gas and infrastructure projects to follow as the water on country rebuilds ever
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. one it seems to slice in the action a war is nowadays indispensable for western economies worser industries. you destroy your approval for a review review it's like a vicious circle it's not just italy that have been trying to keep the national transitional council on sides like it or not the many western countries or libya will mean big business. and the martingale a career journey called peace activists who was in libya earlier this month says that france is already beating italy in its race for oil deals. mean for. nato and great account and saudi arabia would need to do a lot of crimes and nato is not daunting enough fran let her underdone she new young so you are in this war god has already can't go with. twenty eight billion dollars you tell you i was only going to work for
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a one point five billion dollars because really didn't do so much and saw a great economy making the war. making it worse. and coming up in the program in the eye of the storm new york is bracing itself for the arrival of hurricane irene as parts of the city are evacuated and public transport has have shut down. now a british man who challenged the judiciary system in the u.k. to expose corruption with in courts is losing his battle norman scarth an outspoken world war two veteran has lost an appeal against a six month jail sentence for recording a court hearing without pressure but authorities laura reports the eighty five year old is determined to fight on with his campaign for transparency. british prisons are full to bursting the courts are working overtime sending young people to jail
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for their role in the recent riots in england well if they're sent to leeds prison they'll be languishing alongside eighty five year old norman scar he plied the arctic sea cheering the second world war serving his country taking essential supplies to the soviet union on the most dangerous journey in the world and now he's serving six months in prison on the whim of a british judge his crime recording a court hearing he said he did it because he's hard of hearing but the judge didn't accept that it was a very harsh sentence and i believe it was because she's uncovering the corruption that the judiciary has she done frown upon it scott is no stranger to the legal system he won a case in the european court of human rights banning secret hearings yet still some cases in england all heard behind closed doors and recording and taking photographs
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is forbidden unlike in other countries scott attends demonstrations where he shouts about corruption in the police and judiciary saying lawyers police and the courts are in cahoots and regularly persecution gag those who disagree with them that's why m.p. john hemming suspects the judge was trying to shut him up we have in theory in this country something called freedom of expression much as people's right to speak out about what they see as wrong as long as they're telling the truth and i'm very worried this is an attempt to get an elderly gentleman who may not always be right but he has a right to hear luckily for scott he has friends with knowledge of the law and they're acting for him you know but can't afford to go for his case here to the boil court of justice but they don't feel justice is being served to heaven meanwhile the guard claims he's being denied it then chill medication in prison. according to reports conditions in leeds prison are bad the war veteran can't get
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any exercise because he's unable to walk for the entire hour allocated scott also says he's being denied access to a lawyer by his jailers lives in royal every day everything. is. norman scarth has vowed to keep fighting to expose corruption just as he fought all those years ago to keep fascism out of his country the irony is the country he fought for is now the one he's fighting against your and it r.t. london. and major cities along the eastern seaboard of the u.s. including new york are bracing themselves for the wrath of here again i remain it's expected to flood parts of lower manhattan as public transport including the subway has been shut down well despite it weakening to a category one storm forecasters say it remains extremely dangerous and president obama has warned it could be historic artie's medina court i has more from new york . public transportation in new york city including the metro and buses have come to
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a halt as new york city prepares for this dangerous and possibly destructive hurricane parts of the city was was filled with crowds of people as you saw officials evacuating new yorkers from parts of areas that were deemed extremely dangerous for the first time in history the new york city mayor ordered mandatory evacuation of what he called the low rise areas these are areas all throughout new york that are very close to the water and it is estimated that more than two hundred thousand new yorkers will have to evacuate their homes and go to shelters close to seventy shelters have been set up in new york city in preparation for this hurricane hurricane irene it's also been recommended to anyone that lives above the tenth floor to
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a vacuum weak from their building this storm is expected to hit the city by nine pm with wind gusting anywhere between forty and eighty miles per hour u.s. president barack obama has issued a state of emergency for new york meaning that new york will receive federal funding obama did cut his vacation short and headed back to the white house on friday he said that this is a historic storm and everyone in its path should prepare for the worst some engineers believe that the infrastructure of new york city because it is so old may not be able to withstand the powers of the wind that there may be flooding in tunnels of new york city some airports may be flooded homes possibly even flooded and were destroyed so at this point everybody is preparing for the worst bracing themselves hoping it's not going to be as bad as forecasted but is. it is it is not
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clear what will be of new york come monday. over a closely following the developments in the us on our website where the potentially historic here again is approaching. right now on your screen so you're watching live images broadcast from the coastal city of galle devil hills in the state of north carolina you can see other winds thinking out there the waves crashing there a log on to party dot com and you could witness the of rapidly deteriorating weather on the eastern seaboard of the u.s. . the pentagon has issued a report warning that china is on track to becoming a leading military power by twenty twenty lots of beijing has called the document distorted of the document claims the country's expanding military capabilities could potentially destabilize the balance of power in asia well over the past year china has developed a new stealth fighter an aircraft carrier that has made a record number of space launches however beijing says its the normal progression
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of its technology ad is not targeting any supposed that enemy an expert on asian military affairs caught helen and says the u.s. is nursing its own interests and making a fuss around china. there's a lot of hype going on right now in the united states and and some of their views because they want to raise the chinese up to the regain sure that we can keep a large military footprint in asia but it also has to do with internal matters too it's a push to cut the military budget the arms companies and the military assured getting in their heels and shoulders trowing not this kind of chinese bugaboo aircraft carriers this missile which can sink your craft here it's not even majestic keep in mind we have one here carrier which is one half the sorry of american aircraft carriers in the militants have and we're going to clash aircraft carriers
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so even if they build one or two or even three more interest carriers are nowhere near the level they would need to challenge the united states. although let's take a brief look at some other news from around the world a suspected al car operation has been killed in pakistan's tribal region of was in a stunning that's according to u.s. officials. there ali rahman was reportedly second on the list of top five militants in the region wanted by the u.s. he was believed to be a close confidant of a son of bin laden was killed in pakistan by american special forces and may i would all around joined bin laden in afghanistan as a teenager in the eighty's and was well known as an explosive perspex probes. to algeria now where a suicide attack on a military academy has killed at least eighteen most of them trainee officers up to twenty others were injured how it happened in the city of churchill reports say up
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to two bombers set off their explosives as soldiers were breaking their ramadan fast and although no one has claimed responsibility similar assaults a bit blamed on the regional arm of al qaida. a prominent indian activists like him to god has agreed to and his twelve day hunger strike which he was in during a campaign for anti graft legislation it comes out through the conference parliament expressed non-binding support for a series of anti corruption proposals that are not supporting whatever the legislation is likely to take some time to come into force thousands gather to celebrate the success of the seventy four year old and his role in helping india take a huge step forward towards a historic new law. is experiencing a sharp rise in the number of famine hit somali refugees flooding into the country thousands are choosing to cross the gulf of aden and overcrowded boats instead of
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seeking shelter in neighboring countries can you know of being the largest host country and also suffered for that it has already received nearly. half a million somalis or the drought has about twelve million people at risk across kenya. so it's a big day for the former georgia republic which has elected a new reader of the death of its president the first saw two other candidates to the top seat which allow occupy for the next five years regarding star barton reports there are some big business to be taken care of in the tree former vice president alexander is now the president of the caucasus republic of our cars here the central election commission announced that he took fifty five percent of the one hundred two votes cast and they put voter turnout at a high seventy two percent all of this was made necessary by the death of the
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previous presidents which on the twenty ninth of may he died suddenly leaving power vacuum in his place there cuz you people are going to expect a lot from mr primarily building up cars use ruined infrastructure after a long struggle for independence from georgia three years ago russia recognized the independence of our cars year after a war away to the east in south ossetia and fears that the georgia may attack cause here as well but that was just the end of a long struggle for independence which started after the collapse of the soviet union and left a lot of the young republics infrastructure in ruins primarily the famous ones famous soviet holiday resorts along the coast here that will need to be built and also the agriculture and fruit growing industries also very famous here but now very weak and if mr can build up both of those things he'll help this young
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republic to stand on its own two feet again. now let's join our course of team and their travels across the world's largest country russia exploring its historic regions and thousand year old tradition. well today we continue exploring russia's kirov region some one thousand kilometers from moscow very rare isn't just known for its folk art and the rave museums is here family comes first and locals tried to help all orphaned kids find a home and authorities have reports even children with his ickle mental and psychological disabilities don't feel abandoned. apart from being a personal tragedy added difficulty to overcome being an orphan there's also a social problem in russia there are thousands of thousands of orphans but in fact
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most of them have either parents all relatives outside of the orphanage but these people simply do not want to look after them all culebra trusted to do so so this is something that needs to be solved on a social level general social problem for these children to be taken away how can they be tackled so that's not necessarily something that either an individual orphanage or an individual part of russia can provide but the same god the care region they're trying they're saying ok we're being dealt with all these orphans we're receiving all these people but at least all we can do is provide all of them a new home and that's what they're trying to do as you can see in the report. in russia it's hard enough to find a new family for healthy old friends it's even harder for children like these all of them diagnosed in serious physical mental also i can logical disability. here at kira's finish number one they manage it well in russia there are currently
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hundred and fifty thousand children who haven't been adopted him. ninety percent of all fans find a new family before the six. many orphanages exist by themselves in isolation where reaching out to the potential parents and the authorities and working with them. first course of action is to try and place the children back with logical parents who often give them up scared off by the diagnoses but often it shows that with the right care these children can lead normal lives parents have to prove their attitude has changed for other potential adopters through educational courses and ongoing medical support all basics in the west but hardly universal in russia yet staff see these on the main reasons for their success. there but it doesn't matter how good the facilities are here or what care the children receive we are all of the staff here still know than an orphanage is no substitute for a family
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a quick straw poll shows as much of that there are three of us here me and my two sisters we really want to be adopted by the same family but not everyone wants three kids to orphanages track record is anything to go by they'll soon find a family. of five new families but these children are commendable but only so much of an orphanage can do to solve the problem of adoption here and it cost them and not only adopted four children from orphanage number one but also sits on an adoptive parents committee yes the bill can you but i think the problem is the social attitudes towards the children it's not a case of money where an average family all of the state support is really there you just have to love the children themselves. alone accused fourteen says she was betrayed by her parents and those who promised to adopt her and never did then she finally found a new group in the home you are always just
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a part of the group but here in the family you needed by someone there is not tenderness more love i'm happy. with the last you. make an effort to connect with the world outside and adoption becomes more widespread and society will be more happy endings like this one. i'm standing here with you have a conflict on over who is a citizen of the hopefully should provide us with the normal person's perspective on the topic all these officials are telling us that the situation with abductions improving more and more children are finding new parents now from your own observations is this the case is a becoming more popular yeah i think that this if you shoot the doctor cheerfully looking to kill you come see you later region and there are more and more. who want to believe his own children's films because either they have health problems all the wrong to come here bolts maybe some of them want
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a little premiums from the government just to rule this city i know that people who are from all pages they're very prospective people and. have a good future they have good jobs and professions so they did their best to achieve big names in their life what do you think of bristol some discrimination they think when people say this person is an orphan you know it changes their opinion about this person i think it happens in our world but i can see that the situation is changing with this point too because people are quite all around to live in our region and. my. polizzi they acquired the children from old movies thank you very much you know i'll be speaking to you there like a total of three lives there and that you'll be talking to us about the. both
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parties in a columbia have given in to the demands of hundreds of women after they went on a sex strike earlier this month while they spent thirty eight days spreading their husband's advances until a mountain highway which connects the remote community to the wider world was repaved all this week lori harford was also known as a resident says asking people in new york what they would be willing to sting for. in the strike across legs colombian women with help facts to get a road paved what is she would you withhold sex for this week let's talk about that all right now the economy we need to do. so. will get better care law that also i think he says he says to be to still make six we were in france maybe for world peace or to end hunger or something like that
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nothing nothing no i don't think so. the deficit. in congress. so if american women that's having sex do you think it would change things here we wouldn't solve the deficit crisis very quickly what was going to do it was going to do in first the only way to get their money motivated i can understand it or get me on the show pretty quick is there any thing that you would withhold facts for are you kidding no. i think it's an effective tactic. it certainly works there you're good for them do you think it would work anywhere in the world yes i think men and women interact the same way everywhere do you think it would work if men with outsiders to get something done no i mean if it weren't sure i think it's a little crazy but i mean hey you got to do what you got it is no crazier than going to war and shooting people to get things done that is very true whether or not you agree with these women tactic the bottom line is they got the job done with
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no violence needed. oh that's all for this hour i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments. nearly a billion people in the world for knowing every day. in the united states even our
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trash cans are full of the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked in even get all over the other ones just thrown all the way up and cheese from the german oh you clearly have my supper by. the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill take just made from one dozen times. delicious breakfast for the family make some toast for about a week and every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of. the fire.


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